HOT FOOT IT! Charity Firewalk Challenge – Wednesday 23rd September

Booking for the Pentlands Charity Firewalk Challenge is now open ….. we are very excited about the event and its only 10 weeks away!

Please see the flyer and Eventbrite link below where you can book your team places and find out all the details you need to know for this unique experience.

There are only 100 places available so please act quickly we would love you and your colleagues to join us. The accountant in us needs to tell you that the entry cost for the event can be treated as a training expense and the VAT can be recovered.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact anyone in the Pentlands Team and they will be happy to help – 01926 424455.

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URGENT: Our Families Need your Help

While here in the UK we are finally enjoying some sunshine sadly our families in the Philippines once again face the challenges of the typhoon season. Sitting in flooded shanties with only candle light, no food, wet clothes and bedding as well as the threat of dengue fever as the water pools and rain continues to fall.

With several more days of rain forecasted, PCF began relief operations on Wednesday for Tondo, Navotas, and Bulacan which will continue through the weekend.

PCF families live meal to meal with the PCF School helping parents by providing students with two meals a day. The wet season in the Philippines, however, means months of hardship—no work, no school, no food. Our communities in Tondo rely on recycling for their daily income. But heavy rains delay the garbage pickups in the city, and our families go hungry. Our communities in Navotas rely heavily on recycling as well as fishing, but rough seas keep them at home and unable to afford their next meal.

Can you help? Please consider making a donation no matter how small to help us continue our relief efforts.

To donate to our emergency relief fund please visit or call the office on 01489 790 219.

Special Event Invitation


Awards Ceremony Invitation

Getting the year off to an exciting start PCF is thrilled to announce the arrival of three very special guests to London on the 31st of January. Jessa Balote and Mary Blessie Daliva, two of PCF’s very own students, and Tess Sarmiento our longest standing staff member and Head of the Health and Nutrition department will be joining us to bring a little touch of Tondo to the capital city.

We would like to give you, as our incredible supporters, the chance to meet these inspirational guests and also join us for our Annual Awards Ceremony- to honour those who have gone above and beyond over the last year for PCF.

We are very limited on seats so please make sure you don’t miss out by booking your tickets today t: 01489 790219 or e:

We hope to see you on the 31st to give you a chance to see firsthand what a difference your support makes in these children’s lives.

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2014 was a huge success over £65,000 raised.

A huge thank you goes out to Hyder Consulting plc and all our amazing donors who contributed during this years Christmas Challenge we are very pleased to announce that we raised a fantastic £65,806.36 for our Food for School programme.

What a fantastic end to the year.

Bulacan Relocation Area… A Day in the Life

It is wonderful to be able to share with you the story of Emma & Emily who visited PCF this year and volunteered.

Long term supporters of our charity, we asked them to take on the challenge of writing a diary entry

having visited the new relocation site in Bulacan following the demolition in early May.


Thank you ladies and enjoy supporters.


Visit to Bulacan Relocation Site

Recent Severe flooding caused by Tropical Storm Fung-Wong

Following the storm on Friday 19th of September

This week some of PCF’s staff visited our families to assess the damage and issues being faced by our beneficiaries. Recent flooding has left many families homes and belongings damaged and more importantly they have been left unable to access food.

We had to respond quickly to the needs of our children and hosted an emergency feeding program on Saturday 20th in the school. Here existing food parcels were distributed and an incredible group of PCF friends cooked over 500 meals ensuring all our beneficiaries had the essential food they required.

We have also been able to transport additional food parcels to Navotas where most damage was witnessed.

Our thanks go out to all the volunteers and staff members who acted quickly and effectively to assess the problem and prepare a suitable solution. Special thanks go to Sarah Mcleod and Kitty Martinho for arranging the amazing food donations.

Sadly, this is not the first time our families have suffered such a problem and we need to ensure food supplies are available to all in times of crisis.

To show your support please text ENOUGH to 70660 or visit online click DONATE and quote ‘feeding’ to support PCF’s vital feeding programme.

London 2014 Colour Run Success

This May our wonderful supporters hit the streets of London to take part in London’s 2014 Colour Run.

With hard work, dedication and a splash of colour the team of 30 runners managed to raise a combined total of nearly £6,000!


We are so impressed and have even had the top fundraiser interviewed by her company.


To find out more about doing a challenge event for PCF and to get involved email the team TODAY!


To read more about Laura’s success and colour run experience please read below.


Laura Cawley’s London 2014 Colour Run Success


PCF Health Clinic has now been destroyed



PCF is continuously addressing the current situation of our beneficiaries and YOU CAN BE PART OF IT by:

1. Sharing about PCF’s situation with your networks to raise funds and donations.
2. If you are based in the Philippines volunteering to be a drop-off location for PCF donations
3. Organizing an online fund-raising campaign
4. Organizing a fundraising event within your sphere of influence
5. Share PCF Facebook posts
6. Donate cash personally: visit

Extend a hand and help us rebuild not just homes but the dreams of our children and their families.

For more information contact or call us in the office on 01489 790 219.

New Disaster for PCF Children

Over the last few days PCF’s children and families have suffered  another disaster which has left many in dire crisis. The owner of the dump site together with the support of the Government has authorised the eviction of all the residents and charities on the dump site.

The area is home to over 15,000 people, making approximately 3,000 families homeless. There are plans to relocate 150 families from the Navotas cemetery site as well.

PCF legal team are talking with the government as no clear relocation plans have yet been established. Some families have been offered an alternative area to live which is 4 hours away from our school but families will need to build their own homes.


PCF’s social workers are doing their best to support all of our children and their families by helping rebuild their homes or find them alternative accommodation. Our health and nutrition team have started providing meals because families have gone without food for several days now as they are unable to work. The scale of this problem is way beyond our resources and we are asking for donations to help us meet their needs.

A contribution of £250 will help provide food and shelter for a family. Please contribute whatever you can so that we can help as many families as possible.

PCF is committed to help relocate and find an alternative livelihood for as many families as we can and ensure that our students continue their studies with as little disruption as possible.

Sponsors please note that as soon we have more information we will be in touch with you directly if your childs home has or is due to be demolished.

We will post regular updates on our Facebook page see



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