Join the Purple movement! Help us support the most marginalised members of the community in the UK and Asia through training, education and social enterprise programmes.

Our Work

Changing Time

We are passionate about helping those who have fallen through the cracks in society both in the UK and abroad. We believe that everyone has the right to to fulfil their potential so our social enterprise projects, both in UK prisons and in the slums of Manila in the Philippines, aim to build self-esteem and the ability to work and earn money to move forward with confidence and purpose.


Social Enterprise

We take both corporate and household waste and upcycle it into a host of fantastic products and accessories. Everything is made by the women enrolled in our projects and all profits go directly back into the charity to fund further projects.

Get Involved

Are you a large business owner?

As a corporate company you can partner with us and develop a low-cost CSR programme to help reduce your waste and fund our projects.

Anyone and everyone can help!

As an individual there are a number of ways to support our work from donations to volunteering, we couldn’t do it with out you!