PCF’s mission is to improve the quality of life for impoverished Filipino communities, to bring stability and realisable potential through sustainable education, nutrition, health and community advocacy programmes, as well as livelihood training.
To permanently improve the quality of life for the poorest Filipino communities, through education, nutrition, health, medical and family enhancement programs, regardless of religion race or political boundaries.
General information

PCF was registered in the UK in 2002 by our founder and CEO Jane Walker MBE after 8 years of working in the Philippines with the poorest of the urban poor. PCF works in the most depressed areas of the Philippines reaching out to communities that live in extreme crisis situations, unable to provide for their most basic needs and without the hope or ability to change their futures.PCF’s five programmes operate in a large slum area in Tondo, Manila, San Jose Cemetery in Navotas, Manila and Baguio rubbish dump. Targeted beneficiaries are children and their families living in squalid shanty towns by city rubbish dumps where residents search for recyclable rubbish. PCF community schools, feeding and health programmes help rescue child labourers, as young as 4 years old, from the rubbish dumps. Adult skills training and livelihood projects offer families an alternative income to waste picking.

PCF focuses its approach at family and community levels, holding firm that every Filipino child and their family should be secure and free from the effects of poverty. PCF strongly believes in working with the community for the community and we strive to find innovative solutions to the needs of the communities we serve.

U.K. Board of Trustees
CEO: Jane Walker MBE
Chairman: Elinor Perry
Trustee: Steven Burnett
Trustee: John Henry Lonie

UK Employees
Jane Walker – CEO
Sales & Office Manager: Claire Diola
Grant Manager: Ange Booker

Major Donor Manager: Helen Vits

UK Charity Officer:  Hannah Perry

P/T Community Fundraiser – Sheila Elsey

Philippine Board of Trustees
Jane Walker – Chairman
Melissa Howell Alipalo - President and CEO
Ramon Javier Abejuela - Treasurer

Atty. Raineer Chu – Corporate Secretary
Mercedes Zobel – Member
Rebecca Loise Halliwell-Paget – Member
Peter Malvicini- Member
Emmanuel Luna- Member
Shana M. Johnson – Member

Myra Hulleza-Sepe – Member

Philippine Senior Managers
Head of Health and Nutrition: Tess Sarmiento
Head of Education: Anita Sarnicula
Head of Livelihood and Income Generation: James De Bauden
Head of Finance: Linda Velarga
Head of Child Sponsorship: Owen Dorado
Head of Fundraising: Arlene De Vera
Maintenance Supervisor: Connie Malbog

US Board of Directors
President: John Henry Looney
Treasurer: Michael Stevens
Penny Stevens
Jane Walker MBE
Samuel Stevens

Jill Beckingham
Hon Edgardo Espiritu
US Representation: Sam Stevens

Australia Board of Directors
Philippine Community Fund
Australian Business Number ( ABN)  26 806 335 496
Kurt Kavanagh – Chairman and CEO
Jane Walker MBE – Trustee


Registered Charity Number 1091581